Emergency calls open 24/7
Emergency calls open 24/7
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Emergency calls open 24/7

Our Drainage Services

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can often come as a bit of a shock, and often at the worst times! Our unblocking service covers all types of blockages; external or internal.

CCTV Drain Surveys

A CCTV Drain Survey is an in-depth inspection of your pipes. Drain surveys can often be useful to investigate issues or as a pre-emptive measure, such as a homebuyer survey.

Repairs & Relining

Needing a drain repair or replacement can often seem like a daunting fix. Fortunately, LoomanDrainage are experienced in the matter!

Drain Cleaning

LoomanDrainage are also ready to help with any of your drain cleaning. We ensure all blocked drains are cleaned as part of the service.

Blocked Toilets

Never underestimate the inconvenience of a blocked toilet! Here at LoomanDrainage, we sure don’t! We’ll unblock your toilet swiftly.

Drain Jettting

The most efficient way to clear, clean and unblock your drains is with high-pressure water jetting. We’re equipped with all the latest tech and our vans are jetter-installed as standard.

Blocked Sinks

Blocked sinks can often help us to identify more serious underlying drainage issues. If you’ve noticed any bad smells or strange noises – give us a call.

Drains Maintenance

By far, the best way to ensure your drains are constantly flowing freely is to be proactive. We provide drainage maintenance for both domestic and commercial properties.